Church of N. Srª da Visitação

8950-330 , Odeleite , Odeleite

This church is an integral part of the village of Odeleite landscape and since 1534 is part of the history of the municipality of Castro Marim. This place was then called Delight place where stood a hill that looked facing the Church of Our Lady of the Visitation.

This church was visited by two Visitations, the 1534 and 1565, who described it in its original form.

It is thought that this temple would have been built after the previous Visitation of 1518, there derives its internal typology of Mendicant Church, that is, referring to the Gothic period. The 1534 visitation notes that the ceiling of the church was lined with chestnut wood with reeds and the bell tower existed on the main portal.

The Visitation 1565 tells us that this church was "brushed off" the village, and describe it as: the ceiling of the church was "scissored in wood and lined cane"; on the triumphal arch there was a major crucifix; font was left at the entrance, and was surrounded by bars, meeting at this time, patrons of the parish, in works, to place in the village of Delight.

Today appears to us as :

The main façade west is composed of straight lintel portal in stone masonry, with pilaster side surmounted by small cornice surmounted laterally by two rectangular pinnacles items; under rectangular window frame painted white topped by cornice; coverage and gable cross of Christ on top, flanked by high bell tower of two spans with cornice under two side pinnacles and go high to the center bell.

South Side facade with prominent volume consists of four windows and door center with access ramp, with coverage under cornice and roof of a water. Side façade of the north with protruding volume corresponding to the baptistery with coverage roof  of three waters.

Inside: mendicant Church of longitudinal plant with three naves divided by three arches with cylindrical columns of single capitel; coverage on vault for the nave and water to the side. aisled composed of two side altarpieces (2nd half of the XVIII century) under the dome, and two side altarpieces of the same height, in polychrome wood and gilded carvings on the altar of gable sarcophagus Triumphal Arch of perfect lap in stone masonry with closing stone.

Rectangular chapel with access by single step and coverage vault of lunettes, consisting of: altar table in carved wood; sacristia door to the right; three armchairs in gilt on the stairs, altarpiece three altar cloths under pediment in sarcophagus, surmounted by the tabernacle and high central dressing room in domes topped by cornice flanked by fluted columns and grouped, topped by frieze and cornice; surmounted arch with full central finial with white dove flanked by two sculptures in high relief.

Sacristy to the south composed of fine chest left and right wooden chairs and fountain.

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