Church of N. Srª Encarnação

Vila Real de Santo António
VRSA , 8900-000 , VRSA , Vila Real de Santo António

Built in the century. XVIII, this Church presents itself as a prominent element of Pombal religious architecture and rises north of the Marques de Pombal Square.

 Its construction began in 1774 and was completed the construction of its construction in 1776.

Its main facade, like the rest of the village, was designed by Reinaldo Manual dos Santos. This facade has width of 50 feet, and has ashlar stones that were worked and brought from Lisbon to be applied and mounted directly on site.

It is noteworthy, too, for having greater volumes than other addorsed buildings and slightly advances its position on the alignment of facades of buildings that are laterally.

The main entrance has a right portal topped by a curved pediment supported on side pillars.

Longitudinal plant, consists of a single nave with side altars, choir-high, baptismal chapel, sacristy, square chancel and two outer side aisles to the nave. The stained glass windows, of the 40 that exist in the main chapel and baptistery are by the painter Joaquim Rebocho.

Inside, the covers show up in different wood on the ship, quadripartite vault in the chancel and flat roofs in the remaining spaces.

The altar has a statue of the Virgin Our Lady of the Incarnation written by Machado de Castro, in a niche, flanked by the Sacred Heart. It appears that the Church has a good set of Sacred Art Images century. XVIII.

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