Vila Real de Santo António
VRSA , 8900-000 , VRSA , Vila Real de Santo António

The obelisk, in the Marquês de Pombal Square in Vila Real de Santo António, was designed to be in perfect harmony throughout the square, in strict intersection of the diagonals of the towers that compose it and emphasizing its square shape.

However, it is also perfectly in line with the Church, for its height coincides with the height of the church facade of the window lintel.

The church and the obelisk integrate harmoniously in the Royal Square architecture based on the system of aureus proportions, ie, "the height of the needle (50 feet) is for the facades of the houses of the square (30 feet), as well as the height of the Church (80 = 50 + 30 feet) is for the Obelisk. " The obelisk thus assumes the function of balancing the architectural proportions of the whole of the Royal Square.

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