Menhires of Lavajo

Afonso Vicente
Afonso Vicente , Afonso Vicente , Afonso Vicente

Located about 1.5 km from the village of Afonso Vicente, the megalithic set of Lavajo consists on two nuclei (Lavajo I and II Lavajo), intervisible and distanced about 250m. Belonging to the Late Neolithic or Chalcolithic Home (3,500 / 2,800 BC), are interpreted as marks of territories and / or sacred spaces (non funeral). It is the only megalithic complex known throughout the eastern Algarve and one of the most important in the southern peninsular.

It was the target of an recovery intervention in 2002/2003 which made visitable the first nuclei and ensured the preservation of the second. The visitable nuclei is composed by two of the three alignment standing stones. The main monolith of phallic trend, is the largest of greywacke menhir known in Portuguese territory, with 3,14m long. The third element, very fractured, is at the nuclei of Archaeology, located in Alcoutim New Castle.

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