Bread Dough Cake

Associação ODIANA - Roteiro dos Sabores do Baixo Guadiana , 8970-000 , Alcoutim e Castro Marim , Alcoutim


500 g of fresh bread dough, 500 g of yellow sugar, 8 eggs, 1 c. fennel soup,

1 c. cinnamon tea, 1 small glass of olive oil, 2/3. w. honey soup, baking soda,

1 small glass of Port Wine, 1 c. Coffee soup.


To the fresh dough, add the sugar until the dough is completely undone and then add all the other ingredients, leaving the olive oil and port wine to the end. Traditionally the dough is first undone by hand, and only when it gains a more liquid consistency does it move with a wooden spoon. The dough is baked at 200 ° for 1 hour, either in a greased batch wrapped in parchment paper or in a similarly greased and lined hole shape.

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