Baixo Guadiana

With vivid colors, varied flavors and distinct textures, these products are featured in the Food Wheel and the Mediterranean Diet. Also, Baixo Guadiana presents a wide range of these foods, which are high in quality and freshness. As far as vegetables are concerned, they are versatile and always present in all dishes. From the simplest to the most elaborate salad. In soups that warm or refresh. In the most eloquent entries and in the most sublime dishes. They give color and life to the dish and can be consumed in raw or cooked in many different ways.

Legumes, foods that have long been considered poor, have been rediscovered and can be consumed fresh or dried, rich in vitamins and nutrients, giving rise to dishes as traditional as "Favas stew with the Algarve" or the typical "Peas with eggs'. Allied to a healthy life, vegetables and legumes are foods usually grown by families who harvest them from their own garden, combining the preservation of traditions with the advantage of using fresh and healthy products.