Salt and salt flower
Castro Marim

In this corner of the eastern Algarve, where the Guadiana river meets the Atlantic Ocean, the artisanal salt of Castro Marim, inserted in the Sapal Nature Reserve of Castro Marim and Vila Real de Santo António, extend over more than 300 hectares, an web channels and salt water mirrors, taking advantage of the exceptional natural conditions of this area of the Algarve.

Visiting traditional salt is an excellent opportunity to discover the traditional knowledge used for centuries in salt extraction, a perfect symbiosis between the work of man and the will of nature. The wisdom of the tireless salineiro, which preserves art and traditional instruments, offers the two top quality products, perfectly rooted in Castromarinense population: Salt and Salt Flower, ex-libris of Castro Marim.

The salt from Castro Marim, carefully collected by hand using traditional methods, results from the harmonious combination of the tides, the sun and the wind. It is not subject to any further treatment, presenting naturally soft and bright, and is therefore an entirely natural food product.

The traditional salt retains all the natural resources of the sea and the ocean to crystallize naturally under the sun and wind action, enriching the salt crystals with mineral elements useful and necessary for health.

The salt flower is formed on the surface of the water as a thin film salt crystals remain in suspension collected daily with the squeegee strainer carefully not to sink.

The salt flower is suitable for culinary uses, the end of the confection food or salads. It is an ingredient that activates the natural flavor of food, ideal for grilled fish, meat and game.

The quality of these traditional products is recognized worldwide by the rich and sublime taste that gives to food and the advantages they have in relation to industrial salt.

*Image in Roteiro dos Sabores do Baixo Guadiana 2018