Aromatic Herbs
Baixo Guadiana

Among the wide range of plants that make up the local flora, are producing some fruits, stems and leaves edible, long used by the people Baixo Guadiana as food, seasoning, remedies and teas.

In fact, there are several herbs that have flavor and / or perfume, able to sensitize our pleasantly smell, medicinal plants, whose active ingredient is able to relieve or cure illnesses or diseases plants and herbs, used in the confection of dishes gastronomical.

Plants are obtained by biological means, most of which grows wild all over the inner region. Some of them are grown in home gardens, through seeds or cuttings from native plants.

Among several plants we have the pennyroyal, aromatic plant of the mint family, very fresh and growing spontaneously, mainly along the lines of water. It is used in the Baixo Guadiana, essentially for açordas, fish stews and the river eels. It is also used as a medicinal plant in the form of tea.

The laurel, also used as a condiment in cooking. Rosemary, sharing the fields with rock rose and rosemary, can be used to grill meat and fish, as well as perfuming the cooked vegetables. The areio garlic, much like the leek, comes in sandy soils, although it is difficult to find.

The montraste, similar to mint plant, is associated with the decorations of the parties of the Popular Saints and is also applied in digestive teas. Yerba bear, a variety of thyme is used in teas for stomach problems and whooping cough.

The fennel, in addition to the teas with medicinal properties, is used for flavoring dried figs, brandies and olives.