Mother Church of Vaqueiros

8970-000 , Vaqueiros , Vaqueiros

XV century temple, whose patron, St. Pedro, covering wood with a single nave that leads to closer ousia and rectangular base, was almost completed in 1565.

The exterior aspect of this church is due to remodeling during the third quarter of the XVIII century, during which lasted the Rococo form, and in architectural terms the most significant example of the municipality. These renovations consisted on the rebuilt  of the main façade and the bell tower, which includes the pinwheel with cover in the form of rooster.

The church was renovated and painted in the XVII century. This century, more specifically in 1642-3, were bought "slides" to the image of the patron and in 1658-9 was fixed.

Besides the altarpieces of the Matrix Chapel and the Chapel of the Confraternity of Our Lady of  Rosário, there is in this church the Chapel of Souls, probably from the late the XVI century and early seventeenth century, as in 1721-2 was restored altarpiece said a panel in 1730 and was gilded by the painter Francisco Fortunato, born in Tavira.

Currently the church has infiltrations in the ceiling.


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