Quinta da Fornalha Store

Castro Marim
Quinta da Fornalha , 8950-186 , S. Bartolomeu do Sul , Castro Marim
    +351 281 541 733
    +351 917 107 147
    +351 919 889 366

Located in the central building, the store is a display of the transformation from raw materials products obtained in Quinta da Fornalha.

This is a bet on the creative transformation of high quality, diversification ranges and full utilization of the entire chain of sub-products. In this context, the fig is king, is sold fresh, is too mellow transformed into jam, it is dried small, if it is sour is made brandy. In the end, nothing is lost, everything is transformed. More sustainable impossible.

The products are obtained through traditional methods and sustainable management, raw material of high quality. Then the refined and secular taste the fruits of upland as figs, almonds and olives, combine to give rise to new processed products like Figo truffles, Chutney, Carob and Almond Butter - Portuguese nutella, oil Flavoured or Flor de Sal with Thyme.

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