Feito no Zambujal

Monte do Zambujal, Alcoutim , 8970-392 , Zambujal , Zambujal
    +351 968 460 094
    +351 914 252 795

Production of sausage, hams and derived from hog born and raised in freedom in Hill Zambujal.

The hogs, of the Alentejo breed, are born and raised in the hills of Alcoutim - Algarve, whose food is made from cereals, acorns, the garden remains, plus what the land gives them. These animals the following products are produced:

- Palos and sausages - made according to the Algarvian Northeast tradition, with excellent meat of animals in natural gut. With natural spices, no additives or preservatives, cured in the smokehouse, which is respected its maturation time.
- Hams - The hams are salted, remaining in salting, two days per kilo of meat. After washing, they are placed to dry in the air of the Algarve hills. The later will be the main ingredient in this long process.
- Fresh meat - in the winter period and by order, is sold all kinds of fresh meat.
- Fried pork loin pickled lard.
- Other products - greaves, lard; bacon, streaky smoked and smoked jowls.
All products are made with natural products, without adding any additive.

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