Frusoal Fruits

Vila Nova de Cacela
E.N. 125, Sítio das Cevadeiras, Apartado 57 , 8901-907 , Cevadeiras , Vila Nova de Cacela
    +351 281 95 04 00
    +351 281 95 04 09

The Frusoal activity began in 1990, then 24 members. Initially its production covered citrus, vines and fruit and vegetable products.

Currently crops like fig or plum are still present (although with a residual weight), and 99% of the production Frusoal focuses on citrus.

The existence of Frusoal enables not only the existence of dozens of citrus growers in the eastern Algarve region, as well as the development and modernization of its cultures. The Frusoal offers a comprehensive system of providing support to the producer services.

Currently more than 50 employees, the activity of Frusoal comprises all phases of citrus orchard marketing. In order to monetize the production, it has taken measures to improve the quality of the product. The start right at the orchard: fertilization, disinfection, watering and pruning harvesting and transport to the center. In the central address of the storage, treatment plant, packaging and shipping of the fruit.

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