À Terra Fornaria

Praia Verde Boutique Hotel , 8950-000 , Praia Verde , Altura
    +351 281530600

More than a restaurant, À Terra, located at Praia Verde Boutique Hotel, is a way of life. Inspired by nature’s produce, we invite you to visit this homely space, a true return to the origins when all foods were genuine and pure. All meals are prepared and served with heartfelt attention.

 Inspired by Mediterranean gastronomy and based on the concept of sharing and continuous service,  À Terra offers homely, delicious, healthy, country food. Here, local, natural ingredients are the raw material for numerous dishes: olive oil, “flor de sal” (a very pure type of salt), figs, carob, oranges, mushrooms, aubergines, tomatoes, coriander, amongst others.

Country life is what À Terra is all about: to feed the soul with the warmth of what is dear to the memory – scents, textures, colours, flavours, melodies, sensations, stories … basically the life ingredients that make us truly happy.

Additionally, fresh salads, rice with local vegetables and aromatic herbs, gratins, “xarém do Algarve” (a kind of corn porridge), and many others. The sharing continues through dessert and its many offers: pies, gratin fruits, homemade ice-creams, musses and créme-brulée. The meal ends with a superb expresso.

 Bread is one of the key elements in À Terra. Baked in a wood oven, it can be eaten fresh from dawn to sunset.

 Outside the restaurant, have a look at our aromatic herbs garden and its spicy, strong scents. You will not be disappointed…

 Book a table using telephone number 00351 281530600 or fill out the booking request online.

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