GR 15 - Great Guadiana Route

Pedestrian and BTT Trail
Spring, Fall and Winter.

In 2015, Odiana implemented the Great Guadiana Route (GR15), a 65 km journey through the three municipalities of Baixo Guadiana, Algarve. At the beginning of 2019 this Grand Route was extended to the limit of the municipality of Alcoutim with the municipality of Mértola, in the area of ​​the river Vascão, where we find the border between the regions of the Algarve, the South, and the Alentejo to the North. The trip now is 78.5 km, divided into five sectors, with possibility of continuity to the town of Mértola, over 100 km.

Landscape, heritage, adventure, physical activity and fresh air is the secret of the GR15, which consolidates the offer of pedestrian routes in Baixo Guadiana, bringing the coastline closer to the Serrano interior. This road crosses three counties, Alcoutim, Castro Marim and Vila Real de Santo António and travels through seventeen localities until arriving at the border with the county of Mértola.

This Great Route distinguishes itself by its multiplicity of landscapes, historical, patrimonial and natural elements. From the beaches to the south, the mountain landscapes to the north, the contact with the Guadiana River, and the observation of the diversity of fauna and flora, are just some of the points of interest here. In addition, GR15 is also a point of connection and convergence to Ecovia in VRSA and Via Algarviana (GR13) in Alcoutim.

The goal is to uncover the trails of the Baixo Guadiana by venturing into an inland Algarve full of secrets to discover, in a "other Algarve" where nature is queen.

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Pedestrian and BTT Trail