CIIPC -Centre for Research

Vila Nova de Cacela
Antiga Escola Primária de Santa Rita , 8900-059 , Vila Nova de Cacela , Vila Nova de Cacela
    +351 281 952 600

From the research about the history and heritage of Cacela and the Algarve, the CIIPC / CMVRSA has sought new ways of interpretation and appreciation of heritage values ​​and landscape, involving the local community and visitors in their decoding and enjoyment. Exhibitions, tours editions and books, walking paths, thematic meetings and conversations, are some of the activities that have contributed to the diversification of the cultural offer and tourism in the Eastern Algarve. With schools develops continued work with education projects to the heritage and creativity workshops, which has guaranteed, from children and young people, the involvement of the whole community knowledge, preservation and enhancement of its heritage.
The archaeological research developed in Cacela from the 90s, was the matrix of CIIPC and the starting point for the comprehensive and interdisciplinary study of cultural and landscape heritage of the area, with a view to increasing appreciation and enjoyment.
Operating since 2005 in the former elementary school in Santa Rita, rehabilitated for this purpose, the CIIPC is organized into two functional areas:
. research (study of archaeological materials, bookings, labor offices)
. host visitors and users (showroom and documentation center)

The task team belongs to the Heritage Center Material and Immaterial / Division of Culture and Historical Heritage of the Municipality of Vila Real de Santo António.

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