Territorial Interpretation Centre

Castro Marim
8950-000 , Castro Marim , Castro Marim
    +351 281 510 740

The Territorial Interpretation Centre (CIT), is equipped with a cafeteria where you can enjoy refreshments or a simple coffee, with stunning views of the Natural Reserve of Sapal, on the mouth of the Guadiana River and the county neighbor. It is located on the Hill of St. Anthony Ravelin, being the visitor reception space and simultaneously starting point for itineraries and visits to the territory of the municipality of Castro Marim and Baixo Guadiana.

It is presented to the public in a building with a privileged geographical location, to the way it was designed with visibility to 360, which adds a virtual viewpoint of the territory in the form of model 3D, which informs and encourages visits to different heritages: historical, natural and cultural.

The diversity of points of interest is well creased by audiovisual records accompanying the viewing of the 3D model of the county. CIT provides a general knowledge of the territory, valuing and preserving their most enriching aspects, directing users to the various routes and itineraries, designed under the points of interest.

The Territory Interpretation Centre, is an excellent starting point for those who wish to discover the territory:

- Reception of individual visitors or groups;

- User training through technical and audiovisual equipment installed;

- Support Service and historical, cultural and tourist information;

- Support Service to carry out routes and itineraries visit to the territory,

- Information service on heritage;

- Reception of academic or school groups with special interest in the Centre;

- Disclosure of CIT and support for the promotion and enhancement of the county.

More than a result of the rehabilitation of the historical and architectural heritage of Castro Marim, CIT is a valuation platform and promote the cultural and natural heritage of the whole territory.

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