Casa do Ferreiro

Tv. do Sol 4 , 8970-305 , Pereiro , Pereiro
    +351 281 547 069
schedule: Open from Monday to Friday (except holidays), between 09.00 and 13.30 and 14.00 to 16.30

Situated in the village of Pereiro, the «Blacksmith's House» is a space of objects and memories of this ancient mester it is to be a blacksmith. The house-museum has an exhibition of various objects that belonged to the profession of blacksmith and displays a documentary which are revived memories connected to the art of fire and sword.

Input: The ticket costs € 2.50 and allows you to visit, as well as the Blacksmith House, the Museum of Sacred Art Center (Alcoutim), the Castle Village (Alcoutim), the Exhibition at the Storeroom (inside the Castle Village), the Center for Archaeology (inside the Castle Village), the Museum Centre "Elementary School" (Santa Justa) and the Museum Centre Dr. John Dias (Alcoutim) and the Rio Museum (Rio Warriors).

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