Associação Rodactiva

Castro Marim
Edifício da Antiga Escola Primaria do Rio Seco, Estrada Municipal M1132-1 , 8950 , Castro Marim , Castro Marim
    +351​ 968 043 910​

RODACTIVA is an association created in September 2011 by a group of friends who share the same taste for mountain biking and road cycling. Headquartered in Castro Marim, since it is a municipality where the practice of cycling or mountain biking in the version as Road Cycling has increased. The Municipality of Castro Marim has excellent conditions for the implementation of these arrangements, both for the quality of its serrano ways either by paved roads, never forgetting their own relief Eastern Algarve.

RODACTIVA aims to develop the practice of sport in the municipality of Castro Marim. Motivated to protect, defend, promote and disseminate the cultural, artistic, landscape and environment in the municipality. Organizing events of various activities Sports, Educational and Cultural stop all ages. Mark new routes in the county stop better dissemination thereof to recreation, sports and tourism level. Assist other associations and clubs of the county, supporting and promoting their dissemination, providing improvements in them.


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