Água-mãe - Naturopathy

Castro Marim
EN 122, Salina da Barquinha , 8950-000 , Castro Marim , Castro Marim
    +351 965 404 888
schedule: Closed in Winter

A SPA in Castro Marim, which has the distinction of being natural and outdoors. The Salina Barquinha has become the latest tourist attraction due to its waters, which have a high concentration of minerals, allowing an experience close to what you can experience at the Dead Sea in Israel.

This Salina, located in the heart of the Natural Reserve of Castro Marim and Vila Real de Santo António, has a concentration of about 260 grams salt per liter (g / l), which causes the body flute involuntarily to contrary to what happens at sea, where the concentration of minerals round the 35g / l. 

Since then, there have been many people looking for this space to be a lightness of experience and well-being, as pleasurable as beneficial to health. Besides going to the baths in the water (very) salty, customers can still make clay applications, massages, scrubs with salt, yoga, meditation or experience being salineiro, living in first person the salt extraction process and fleur de sel .

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